Clinique: Chubby in the Nude Foundation

Clinique: Chubby in the Nude Foundation

This blogpost is a follow on from my ‘First Impressions‘ of the Clinique: Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick. Be sure to check that out first before reading this blogpost if you want a all-round review.

I have now being using the Chubby Foundation Stick for around a month now, and decided it is time to follow-up with my final impressions of the foundation. I hope you find this useful, as I know I did my research before buying too.

First Impressions of the Clinique: Chubby in the Nude Foundation

So to begin, in my previous post I mentioned as a final thought that I was worried about the kind of cover the Chubby Foundation Stick would have and that I was unsure if it was worth the £23. Well after a month of using this constantly, here are my final impressions. This blogpost is a follow-up to tell you what I now think and whether it is worth the money.


Pros to Using the Foundation

As the first week came and went of using the Chubby Foundation Stick, I felt the strain of using it. I was missing a standard liquid foundation so much, and was teetering on the edge of going back to Boots and getting another foundation. Then suddenly the weather in the UK changed and we started to get a semi-decent Summer; and this is where I found the Chubby stick came into its own.


Great in the heat and sun

While the hot weather and sun was here; I found myself wanting to use my Chubby Foundation Stick. It was really light on my skin and I felt my skin could breath under the Foundation, unlike a Liquid Foundation which can sometimes be quite sticky in heat and a little suffocating. This to me was a massive bonus and I was happy I had this as an option.


You don’t have to use lots of the Foundation

I started using it sparingly, 3 lines on my cheeks, 1 on my nose, 1 on my forehead and 1 on my chin for blending into neck. I realised soon after that this was all I actually needed; as I did a bit more one day and it was not needed at all. The coverage I got was perfect for my skin, it evened out my colour and made me look like I had enough foundation on and not over-the-top. People have actually commented on how good my skin looked and that the colour suited me really well.


It lasts for the day

I found during my month of trying the Chubby Foundation Stick that I was getting my money worth out of the length of wear. I was doing a whole day at work and when I got home, it still looked good.


Can top-up foundation easily and on-the-move & it can be used for multiple purposes

A few times I went out after work, I took my Chubby Foundation Stick with me in my handbag (brilliant size) and I could easily top-up my Foundation. I loved it as well as I only took this and it acted as a Concealer, Foundation and Pressed Powder as it is dry and doesn’t leave your skin looking shiny like some products do. This to me is a massive plus!


You do get value for money!

This one is a big deal for me. I said in my First Impressions review that I was worried as I had already twisted up the product and I didn’t think It would last. This picture below shows you how much I have left after a month. I have twisted it up 3 times in a space of the month, which averages out to about once a week. I think and hope this Chubby Foundation Stick may last longer than the other Liquid Foundations I have used in the past. If the theory is right, I am very happy to be proved to be wrong in this instance.

Chubby Foundation Stick


Cons to Using the Foundation

I really don’t have many or if any cons of using this foundation, but these are the things that spring to mind…


Wouldn’t be too good at covering ‘big’ blemishes

This foundation is quite a thin-medium coverage, so spots and other marks you want to cover up may take a bit more working on or it may not work for you at all. I haven’t tested this out, but it is my theory from using this product for a month.


Dry and difficult to blend

I thought this may be the foundations downfall, but I don’t mind it too much now. It does go on dry to the skin and does take more effort to blend, but I have found that I can do my base makeup much faster now than with a liquid foundation.


Would I Repurchase

When I first picked up the Chubby Foundation Stick, the answer would of been a big NO! Actually using it for a month has somewhat swayed me. The answer now is a big YES!I love the Chubby Foundation Stick especially for the summer months that we have coming up, and I can’t wait to be able to take it on holiday with me. It will be able to go through in my hand-luggage and it will be nice and cooling (not sticky) on my skin in the sun too.


What do you think?

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