Christmas Blogger Q&A // Recap

Christmas Blogger Q&A // Recap

As you can tell by the title, this is a Recap of the Christmas Blogger Q&A Series which has been going on everyday since 1st December. We have seen 21 Guest Bloggers take over my blog for a day to answer the 10 Christmas related questions; in which we get to know the Blogger behind the Blog a little bit more.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, and don’t forget to spread some Christmas cheer by reading and commenting on each others posts 🙂

Also, as Buddy the Elf says “the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear”. A motto I live by!  Anyway, lets get into this recap now…

Thank You All

I have firstly got to thank all of my Guest Bloggers. Each and every single one of them was fantastic! I was so privileged to have them all take part in this series, and without them and their support throughout this series, I wouldn’t of made it to this post today. I would like to say a special thank you to a couple of my friends too, which you can see at the end of this post.

Christmas Blogger Q&A – Recap of the Series

1st December // Abbey Louisa Rose

Abbey Louisa Rose - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Abbey is a good friend of mine and we regularly talk over on Twitter. Abbey’s tradition is so cute. I love the fact that her family take turns opening presents and then go for a walk. It’s so sweet.

2nd December // Eggs, Avo & Ames

Eggs, Avo and Eggs - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

I recovered Ames’ blog through this series and remembered how much I loved it. Ames’ memory is both cute and funny. Hint – it includes a bed full of presents!

3rd December // Just Buttons

Just Buttons - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Sarah is another one of my dear friends which I met at the beginning of my blogging journey. She is so friendly, kind and recently became a Mummy. Sarah’s whole Q&A oozes cute and her song choice is perfect. A proper Christmas Classic. I hope Sarah and her family have a lovely Christmas with baby Oliver.

4th December // Steph’s World (Top 10 Christmas Movies)

Top 10 Christmas Movies - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

5th December // Pandora’s Jar of Curiosities

Pandora's Jar of Curiosities - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Pandora is such a lovely person and is always around to support you over on Twitter. Pandora is going to spend her 1st full day with her Boyfriend this year and I hope it was great. Also, she loves Sprouts. Yuck!

6th December // Twenty Something Meltdown

Twenty Something Meltdown - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Everyone knows how much I love Gwennan’s blog. It is one place I always love returning to, like home. I love the way Gwennan answered Question 1 before starting Question 2, you’ll know what I mean when you read it. I hope Gwennan has a lovely Christmas creating new traditions.

7th December // Food & Baker

Food & Baker - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Food & Baker are two of the most lovely couple bloggers every. They are just so supportive, friendly and funny. Especially Jessica’s love of potatoes haha.

8th December // Get Along With Geet

Get Along With Geet - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Geet is another lovely and supportive blogger. I loved reading Geet’s Q&A, especially her traditions around Christmas where her parents used to put chocolates under the children’s pillows. How sweet is that?

9th December // Love, Libby xx

Love, Libby xx - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Where do I start with Libby? She is one of the nicest bloggers I have ever spoken to. Only the other day, I messaged her and within 10 minutes she was by my side and making me feel good. She totally rocks! My Soul Sister! Libby killed me laughing with her answer about the Christmas Jumper. This girl is honest and so funny!

10th December // Creativity & Crazy xx

Creativity & Crazy - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Rachel was a star in this series. She managed to nab my lost space and also got the answers to her Q&A to me by the end of the day! She was brilliant. I laughed so much to Rachel’s answer to her favourite part of the Christmas dinner. Hint – there are no favourite parts.

11th December // Steph’s World (Top 15 Christmas Songs)

Top 15 Christmas Songs - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

12th December // Kimberley Jessica

Kimberley Jessica - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Kim and I use our blog in the same kind of way, as a journal so we can reflect on it in years to come. Kim also like me, puts up her Christmas tree on the first Sunday in December. I think that is the perfect time.

13th December // Rant & Review

Rant & Review - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

I have known Sarah for a few months now, and we first met on a Twitter chat together. I love Sarah’s favourite Christmas jumper, you really need to check it out!

14th December // Pretty Little Flirt

Pretty Little Flirt - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Shani has such a cute blog which is totally worth checking out. Also, her answer about her favourite part of Christmas dinner is so funny, just like Rachel’s answer. I can’t wait to see Shani’s blog develop more in the future.

15th December // Tania Writes

Tania Writes - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Tania and I have worked together previously and she is a pleasure to work with. I love Tania’s Christmas jumper, it is just so gorgeous. I do love a good Christmas jumper.

16th December // Laura Snow

Laura Snow - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Laura is another very dear friend of mine and she is always so friendly, supportive and kind. I love Laura’s answer about her favourite memory all about her getting a bike for Christmas. I love the changes which Laura has made to her blog so far and can’t wait to see more from Laura.

17th December // The Part-Time Mermaid

The Part-Time Mermaid - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Julia and I have worked together previously where we came up with out top 5 study tips. Julia and her boyfriend have matching Christmas jumpers and this is something I wish I could talk my boyfriend into doing haha. Well done Julia 🙂

18th December // Steph’s World (Dear Santa… // My Open Letter To Santa

Dear Santa.../My Open Letter To Santa - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

19th December // Charlene McElhinney

Charlene McElhinney - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Charlene (as she is to many) is a great friend and role model in the blogging community. She truly is an inspiration of mine and without meeting Charlene at the beginning of my blogging journey, I don’t know where I would be now. I have been loving Charlene’s Snapmas this month (check out her Q&A for Snapchat code). Also, Charlene, how have you never had a Christmas jumper? I’m shocked! 🙂

20th December // Tanicici

Tanicici - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Tania has a blog all about Lifestyle, Parenting and Beauty, and it is so lovely. She has a great answer to her Christmas dinner question and she talks about her traditions. It sounds so fun and so lovely.

21st December // Beauty and the Bird

Beauty and the Bird - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Rachel is both a blogger and YouTuber, and I am a big fan of her videos. So as you can guess, I was excited to have Rachel as part of this series. Rachel’s song choice is a perfect choice for getting those Christmassy feelings.

22nd December // Samantha Carraro

Samantha Carraro - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Samantha and I have worked together previously on a post on how to overcome bloggers block. Something a lot of us suffer with (especially over Blogmas). Samantha’s song choice is one that I love but didn’t know the name of, so I am glad she included it in her post.

23th December // Alice in the Garden

Alice in the Garden - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Alice is a good friend of mine aside from blogging, and has her own blog called Alice in the Garden. Alice is hoping to get into blogging again and I hope you will do your best to support her as you have with me (thank you again). Alice’s Christmas drink is a Hot Chocolate and I couldn’t agree more, it is a perfect choice.

24th December // Iga Berry

Iga Berry - Christmas Blogger Q&A Recap

Iga and I got to know more of each other through this series and she is brilliant to work with. I love the fact that Iga (like myself) loves to give presents to her love ones and see their faces when they receive a good present. It is what Christmas means to me.

BONUS Q&A – 25th December // Steph’s World

Steph's World - Christmas Blogger Q&A

Yesterday I answered my own Q&A Questions which you can find outside of the Advent Calendar. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

A Couple of Special Thank You’s

Firstly, my dear friend Libby from Love, Libby xx has supported me from day one of blogging and throughout this series. She commented on everyone’s post, she regularly tweeted about the series, shared her support and always sent me encouraging meme’s haha. She also wrote a whole post about ‘The Best Advent Calendar of 2016“, which was the Advent Calendar which ran alongside and housed this series. Thank you so much my love! xx

Secondly, I would also like to thank another dear blogging friend of mine, Gwennan from Twenty Something Meltdown. I Guest Blogged for Gwennen in the Summer and this encouraged me to do a Guest Blogging series for my Blogmas contribution. I used Gwennan’s method of planning the series and showed the same support to my Guest Bloggers as she did for me. Gwennan also commented on everyones post, which I am so greatful for as well. Gwennan even featured my Advent Calendar in her Friday Favourites post. xx

Thirdly, I would like to also thank Food & Baker and Abbie Chic for giving the Christmas Blogger Q&A a shoutout.


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