Christmas Blogger Q&A // Iga Berry

Welcome back to my Christmas Blogger Q&A series. The series is running from 1st December right up to the big day. Today we welcome Iga Berry.

Iga Berry

Iga Berry // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

Hi! I am a wanderlust obsessed girl based in Birmingham, Great Britain. I love to travel so you never know where you might be able to meet me. There are a few places that stole my heart: Boston, Reykjavik, and Budapest.  
I have been sharing my adventures since 2015 and I am definitely not planning on stopping anytime soon. If you can’t get enough of stunning views, delicious food, practical travel tips, unique local spots, and designing a life you love, this is the place for you!  

1) Where do you spend Christmas Day and what do you usually do?

Christmas 2018 will be quite unusual for me as for the first time since being with my hubby there will only be just the two of us as my family are back up in Aberdeen, whereas I moved down south to Birmingham. I am going to celebrate it with my husband but for sure I will squeeze in an hour or two of Skype chat. The usual would be going to my mum’s but this year will be rather unusual so I will make sure that we will create our own new traditions as well as keeping up the old ones.   

2) Do you have any traditions which your family have or you have started? 

One of the traditions that I would definitely like to keep up is playing board games after dinner. Although Taboo for two might not work, there are always other games such as Scattegories (one of my favourites), Scrabbles (not my hubby’s favourite for sure), and others. I quite enjoy Monopoly but I won’t even dare to think how long it will last for with only two players. It’s probably healthier for our relationship too.  

Another unofficial tradition that I would like to continue is evening walk around town, especially when it’s snowing. I am probably not going to be that lucky to have snow on the day but one can dream! I love walking around and seeing the streets light up with Christmas lights, and the glowing Christmas trees with flickering fairy lights.  

3) Which Christmas character would you like to be and why? 

Unfortunately for my poor family over the years I kinda became Buddy from Elf. This year my husband experienced how long I can take to pick the perfect Christmas baubles at Home Sense, how many times can I return them, then change my mind and buy them again. If he has nightmares I suspect they are connected with the 5h session of Christmas decoration shopping. Summing up, I am like Buddy too excited, very loving, and way over the top but hey, I turn into him only once a year for a few weeks.  

4) If you were able to invite 3 famous figures (past or present) to Christmas dinner, who would you invite and why? 

Colin Firth (do I even have to say why?), Richard Gere (for the same selfish reason), and Leonardo DiCaprio (because he was my teen crush and he looks like a fun person to party with so again… Selfish me). 

Iga Berry // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

5) If you could spend Christmas anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 
I will start with a massive cliché but… Oh my dear! I would love to spend Christmas in New York in a hotel with a view of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. We’ve got engaged in NYC so I have amazing memories and quite frankly I would love to feel the Christmas vibes in USA. I loved every second of living in Boston, and every second of my travel around North America. However, on the other hand I would also love to experience typical a Christmas in the Tatra Mountains area in Poland. How romantic would it be to wake up to a mountain tops covered in snow and knowing that downstairs there is waiting for me a hot chocolate.

6) Tell us your best Christmas cracker joke… 

There is a very random thing about me that only people that interacted with me on a very informal level know. I cannot tell jokes. I never remember any and the ones that I do remember I find it so funny that I start to hysterically laugh half way through the joke so I can never finish it. Although I must admit I don’t find Christmas cracker jokes particularly funny so as much as you will get out of me is a little smile or a giggle if you are my Grandpa (anything for Grandpa, even giggling on demand).  

7 ) In the past I have asked about your favourite song & movie, this year I’m asking, what is your favourite Christmas TV Special? 

I actually do not watch TV and especially shows that appear weekly. I never remember or have time to commit and sit down each week at the same time for an hour to watch something. Also nothing really sparked my interest enough to do that.  

8) Do you own any Christmas Jumpers, and do you have any favourites?

Goodbye my favourite Christmas Jumper from Jack Wills. It was not an easy battle but my wool jumper in light pink with snowflake patter did not survive its meeting with the washing machine, so many things went wrong this time. One of them being my flatmate asking if I bought the jumpers for a friends’ kids… Shrinking power of wool and my pure stupidity was high that night. Currently I am on the hunt for a new jumper, please feel free to share your suggestions!  

Iga Berry // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

9) Do you usually hit the shops or do your shopping online?

I do both but the essentials are always bought online. I am one of those people that hit online stores at midnight and not a second later. One year I was up until 6am… I blame Boots for restarting my basket a few times.   

10) Where is your favourite place to visit on the run up to Christmas? 

Any place that has a Christmas market. I am very easily pleased. Give me mulled wine, hot dog, Christmas lights, and I am in a happy place. 

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