Christmas Blogger Q&A // Black Tulip Beauty

Welcome back to my Christmas Blogger Q&A series. The series is running from 1st December right up to the big day. Today we welcome Alice from Black Tulip Beauty.

Black Tulip Beauty

Black Tulip Beauty // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

My name is Alice Tulip and my blog is called Black Tulip Beauty J It originally started as solely beauty (hence the name) but I found I couldn’t keep up with buying new products all the time and felt I had a lot of other passions I wanted to share such as fashion, food and raising awareness for an illness I have. I now blog about a bit of everything and find I can produce so much more content because of it as I feel a lot more inspired with the freedom. I’ve been properly blogging and on my self-hosted site for just over a year now and am unbelievably glad I started! I’ve gained experience, multiple skills and confidence, met some of my closest friends and been offered opportunities I never imagined in a million years.

Black Tulip Beauty // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

1) Where do you spend Christmas Day and what do you usually do?

The tradition has always been that my brother and I sit and open our stockings first and then move onto our main presents. My mum still spoils the both of us despite us being in our 20’s but now my brother has moved out, we just wait for him to arrive to start anything. We open our stockings and main presents whilst my mum and stepdad open their gifts from us and each other. I then of course pretend my dog has opened her presents from me and she goes absolutely crazy running round the house with her new toys (it’s the cutest thing ever). We then put the turkey (and usually another joint of something) in the oven to cook slowly whilst we pop to our local pub for a drink. Then we come back, finish off the dinner and sit down to eat it at around 2pm. We then all lie down and nap for an hour or two (because we’ve eaten so much) and usually sit and talk/nibble on some Cadbury Roses. My brother and I then go and visit my dad for an hour or so and watch some sort of Christmas special before I head off to my boyfriends. We sit with his family and play some games or watch something on the TV before heading off to his room to exchange our gifts for each other.

2) Do you have any traditions which your family have or you have started? 

Not so much anymore. We used to have much more of a solid and outer family orientated routine when my grandparents were alive but we all tend to do things separately nowadays.

3) Which Christmas character would you like to be and why? 

Yeah I’d give Rudolph a go, I think I’d be pretty swell at leading a slay. I do well under pressure…

Black Tulip Beauty // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

4) If you were able to invite 3 famous figures (past or present) to Christmas dinner, who would you invite and why? 

Hayley Williams, just because I love her and I’d love to pick her brains about all things music and vocal technique. Freddie Mercury because I’ve recently seen Bohemian Rhapsody and he seems badass. And Ariana Grande because I’m low key in love with her and her voice/music.

5) If you could spend Christmas anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I quite like spending it at home to be honest but I’d love to go to NY one year and maybe even Australia as I’d love to experience a warm and sunny Christmas day! My boyfriend is a proper homeboy at Christmas though so I reckon I’d have to go on my own…

6) Tell us your best Christmas cracker joke… 

Not going to lie, I’m one of those people that proper crazy laughs at Christmas cracker jokes even if they’re AWFUL. What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck? A Christmas quacker!

7 ) In the past I have asked about your favourite song & movie, this year I’m asking, what is your favourite Christmas TV Special? 

I can’t say I really remember a specific one to be honest, my favourite film is either Love Actually or Elf (I cry with laughter EVERY time). Song-wise it’s got to be Fairytale Of New York, such a classic. My family are Irish too so my grandparents always loved The Pogues.

8) Do you own any Christmas Jumpers, and do you have any favourites?

I actually don’t! I used to be such a scrooge about Christmas to be honest, after my grandparents passed away I used to just get upset about it all but I’ve been able to enjoy it again the past few years and might even get myself one this year! My dog has a jumper and a hat though, hehe.

Black Tulip Beauty // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

9) Do you usually hit the shops or do your shopping online? 

A bit of both, usually online to be honest as the crowds get a bit too much!

10) Where is your favourite place to visit on the run up to Christmas? 

I love the German Christmas market in Bristol. They do the best hot chocolates and such yummy sausages! I wasn’t able to go last year as my chronic illness was really bad and I couldn’t really eat but I’m going to make up for it this year J

What have you got coming up in 2019?

I’m actually starting up a business in 2019 and I can’t give away much more than that yet as I need to solidify a lot of things to do with it but if you love quirky things and beauty/bath products I’d like to think you’ll be a fan J You can keep up to date on my development with it on my social medias anyway!

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