Christmas Blogger Q&A // A Mess In A Dress

Welcome back to my Christmas Blogger Q&A series. The series is running from 1st December right up to the big day. Today we welcome Stacey from A Mess in a Dress.

A Mess in a Dress

A Mess In A Dress // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

Hi, my name is Stacey and I write the lifestyle blog, A Mess In A Dress.  After years of trying to decide on a niche for my blog, I decided that I wanted it to be as varied as my real life is, so you’ll find posts about fashion, beauty, family, travel as well as more personal posts.  If it’s in my life, it’s probably featured in my blog.  Christmas is always a big deal in our family so I always look forward to filling the blog with Christmassy content

1) Where do you spend Christmas Day and what do you usually do?

Since having my two children, we try and make an effort to spend Christmas Day at home as a family.  We wake up in the morning, open presents over a nice breakfast of hot sausage rolls and pastries and then spend the morning playing with our new toys (grown-ups included).

Lunch is usually a buffet of cold meats and cheeses, before me and the girls head off to visit my family for more present opening while Mr M spends a quiet afternoon cooking our Christmas dinner.

After a big traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, we spend the evening watching Christmas specials and playing games as a family.

2) Do you have any traditions which your family have or you have started? 

A lot of our Christmas traditions actually happen long before Christmas.  Every October half term we stir up our Christmas puddings and visit a local garden centre to choose our new decorations.

Every Christmas Eve we have a big Christmas meal with my in-laws and then head to our local church for the Children’s Crib Service.  The girls love to dress up as nativity characters and sing carols together.

A Mess In A Dress // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

On Christmas day itself, Mr M always likes to have his presents stored under the tree in a pillowcase and always receives a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.  I hope to create more traditions as the girls grow older that they might pass on to their children one day.

3) Which Christmas character would you like to be and why? 

If I were a Christmas character I would definitely be Buddy the Elf as there is nothing I love more than planning the perfect Christmas and singing Christmas songs.

4) If you were able to invite 3 famous figures (past or present) to Christmas dinner, who would you invite and why? 

 seriously struggled with this question so much, but I finally decided on David Tennant, Ella Fitzgerald and Father Christmas.

David Tennant seems like a genuinely nice, interesting, funny guy and I’ve been half in love with him since as long as I can remember so would happily use any excuse to get him in the same room!

Ella Fitzgerald’s Christmas album is one of my absolute favourites and the first dance at our wedding was to her version of “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.  Maybe after dinner we could all have a little sing-a-long in front of the fireplace!

And finally, what Christmas dinner would be complete without a visit from the big man himself, Father Christmas.  I’m sure he has many fascinating stories to tell about his travels around the world and I’d get the chance to tell him that I may be on the naughty list this year, but I can explain!

5) If you could spend Christmas anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’ve always said that I’d never, ever travel at Christmas, as I firmly believe Christmas is a time to be at home, however the only place that could even possibly tempt me away would be Disneyworld.  I would love to see the park all decorated for Christmas and where better to celebrate the most magical time on Earth that the most magical place on Earth.

6) Tell us your best Christmas cracker joke… 

What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?  Tinsilitis!

7 ) In the past I have asked about your favourite song & movie, this year I’m asking, what is your favourite Christmas TV Special? 

I absolutely love a good period Christmas special, something like Downton Abbey or Poirot, with heaps of festive atmosphere.  They’re perfect for watching on Christmas Day night, when you’re podged from eating too much turkey and tucked under a blanket with a tin of Quality Streets.

I’m not sure if there’s anything on TV like that this year, but I also never miss the Doctor Who and Strictly Come Dancing Christmas specials, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to entertain myself with.

8) Do you own any Christmas Jumpers, and do you have any favourites?

I actually own a few Christmas jumpers but I still tend to buy a new one every year – you’ve got to mix things up a bit haven’t you?  My current favourite has a Christmas tree with sparkle and bells on it – I jingle when I walk!

9) Do you usually hit the shops or do your shopping online?  

Where possible I much prefer to shop online.  The shops get absolutely crazy and people seem to lose all sense of human decency in the hunt for the perfect Christmas present – the high street can feel like a war zone.

Sadly, due to budgetary and timing constraints I may have to do a bit of last-minute, real life shopping this year but I will try and keep it to a minimum.  I find it sucks all the fun out of the run up to Christmas Day.

10) Where is your favourite place to visit on the run up to Christmas? 

Without a doubt, the one place we will visit more than any other over Christmas is Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.  Every year they have a spectacular Christmas display in the house and we have been every year for the past 10 years. Our first Christmas visit to Chatsworth was on our honeymoon, when we stayed in the Hunting Tower, so it holds a very special place in our hearts.

A Mess In A Dress // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

What have you got coming up on your blog in 2019?

I’ve been very quiet on the blogging front in 2018, mainly due to other commitments and taking on more in life than I can handle!  I’m looking forward to some new fresh content in 2019 and I’m also hoping to start posting regularly over on my Youtube channel – Why not head over there in December for some festive videos including Gingerbread House-building and Christmas parties?

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