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Welcome back to my Christmas Blogger Q&A series. The series is running from 1st December right up to the big day. Today we welcome Jade from Mummies Waiting.

Mummies Waiting

Mummies Waiting // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

I’m Jade and I help parents plan stress free Disneyland Paris holidays to make magical memories that last a lifetime. I’m a mum with 2 daughters and am crazy about all things Disney and Christmas!

1) Where do you spend Christmas Day and what do you usually do?

We’ve been all over. Some times we are at or families homes, sometimes we are at our home.

We usually tart by getting up and having a cooked breakfast, followed by opened gifts, then playing all afternoon and a big Christmas roast sometime around dinner. We then settle down with some TV and relax for the evening.

2) Do you have any traditions which your family have or you have started? 

Yes! My mum brought me a Christmas book when I was little and read the same story every single year before bed on Christmas even. I’ve managed to get copies and now my daughters have it too.

We also have breakfast with Santa the day after daddy breaks up for the holidays and do a Christmas Eve box.

Finally we are visited by our ‘kindness elf’ Patch, who gives us kind tasks to do through the month of December.

Mummies Waiting // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

3) Which Christmas character would you like to be and why? 

Patch from Santa Claus the Movie, because he is so kind and has amazing ideas!

4) If you were able to invite 3 famous figures (past or present) to Christmas dinner, who would you invite and why? 

Ohh, thats tricky. David Tennant as the doctor, because I could watch Dr Who with the doctor on Christmas day! David Huddleston because he is my favourite Santa Ever and Dudley Moore because what is Christmas without Patch!

5) If you could spend Christmas anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Walt Disney World! It’s beautiful, amazing, exciting and my girls have never been.

Mummies Waiting // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

6) Tell us your best Christmas cracker joke… 

What does Santa do in his garden? He Ho Ho Ho’s!

7 ) In the past I have asked about your favourite song & movie, this year I’m asking, what is your favourite Christmas TV Special? 

The Dr Who Christmas special every year by far!

8) Do you own any Christmas Jumpers, and do you have any favourites?

I only own 1 cardie, but I love it!

Mummies Waiting // Christmas Blogger Q&A on Steph's World

9) Do you usually hit the shops or do your shopping online?  

A mix of both, but mostly online for us. We start early to get the best deals.

10) Where is your favourite place to visit on the run up to Christmas? 

Disneyland Paris! But if it had to be uk based, any lights switch on. It’s like the official start the world is celebrating with me!

What has been your favourite post of 2018 on your blog?

Here is my fave Disneyland Paris post 🙂 “21 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Disneyland Paris

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