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Welcome to day 16 of the Christmas Blogger Q&A. Today’s Christmas Q&A is with Kelsey from Tickled Greene.

Tickled Greene

Hey, y’all! I’m Kelsey, and my little ole blog is Tickled Greene, which turns 4 years old in a couple months (yeayy)! I recently graduated with an English Degree and have found such a huge love for books and writing again. Because of that, Tickled Greene is currently in the process of transferring over to a more book/writing friendly blog (with some photography sprinkled in)! So if you love reading and writing as much as I do, then my little space on the internet just may be the place for you! 

Question 1 – What’s your Christmas tradition?

The one tradition that seems to be the only one that’s stuck with our family is on Christmas Eve! My mom buys my siblings and me new pyjamas to wear on Christmas morning! Such a simple tradition, but we all love it! 

Question 2 – What is your favourite Christmas indulgence?

I love absolutely anything peppermint this time of year! I love peppermint hot cocoa, peppermint coffee, peppermint chocolate bark, and anything else you can think of! I also love to indulge in Christmas movies! Hallmark Channel shows them 24/7, and my TV never leaves that channel during most of November and December! 

Question 3 – What is the best gift you have ever received?

When I was younger, I remember getting the best gift my little self could have asked for! It was a huge Barbie mansion that came with its own elevator. Sometimes I wish I still had it! Another gift I love is a necklace my fiancé gave me on our first Christmas we spent together six years ago. I still wear it today!   

Tickled Greene // Christmas Blogger Q&A 2017

Question 4 – Are you an early gift buyer or leave them to the last minute?

I do both! I start shopping fairly early, but I do love to get out on Christmas Eve! Y’all probably think I’m nuts, but it’s kind of fun to get caught up in the craziness and rush of things! 

Question 5 – Do you have a favourite shop to buy gifts?

Target! It is most definitely my go-to for anything and anyone because you can find literally everything you can want from big gifts to little stocking stuffers! I love it! TJ Maxx is also one of my top places to go! 

Question 6 – Is there something which you always wanted for Christmas but never got?

I remember when I was younger I really wanted a new bike because I was always stuck using my older brother’s. I wanted one of those cute beach cruisers type of bikes!  

Tickled Greene // Christmas Blogger Q&A 2017

Question 7 – What is the most thoughtful gift that you brought someone?

I’m usually the type of person that likes to put a lot of thought into my gifts, but I think one that sticks out is the blanket I crocheted for my fiancé on our first Christmas! I spent months making that thing, and it was the first Christmas we were spending together so I tried to make it perfect! Oddly enough, he still has that blanket today! 

Question 8 – If you could be in any Christmas movie, which one would you be in?

Oh man, I think an obvious answer would have to be Elf because who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by all of that Christmas goodness?! Other than that, I think I would fit well into those cheesy Hallmark movies! 

Question 9 – What is your earliest Christmas memory?

This is a really weird memory, but it was on Christmas Eve and I was maybe 6 or 7. My family and I were coming home from my aunt and uncle’s house when my dad ran over something in the road. We ended up getting multiple flat tires and having our car towed home. Not the most Christmas-y thing, but hey, it was quite eventful! 

Tickled Greene // Christmas Blogger Q&A 2017

Question 10 – What makes Christmas special for you?

I’d hate to sound super cheesy, but what makes it special is the amount of time I get to spend with my family. During the rest of the year, everyone is off doing their own things, and it’s rare we all get together under one roof. I just love seeing everyone and creating super fun memories! Plus, I have little nieces, so I still get to do all of the things I used to do as a kid with them, which is just the best thing ever! 

Bonus Question

What exciting things have you got planned for 2018?

I mentioned this earlier, but I have decided to take my blog in a whole new direction (which has been so scary)! Instead of doing all the typical “lifestyle posts” like I have been, I want to do book, writing, and photography related posts because those are the things I am most passionate about! However, most of my followers follow and read my blog for the lifestyle side of things, so it’s actually quite nerve-wracking to be making this change because it almost feels like I’m starting over! I would love for y’all to head over there and at least take a look because it would mean the world to me!

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