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Welcome to day 18 of the Christmas Blogger Q&A. Today’s Christmas Q&A is with Sherry from Sherry Scribbles.

Sherry Scribbles

Hey! I’m Sherry (real name Sheradan). I’m 26 years old, live in Nottingham with my fiancé, Ben, and my little cat, Patch. I started my blog in February 2015 so we’re fast approaching the three-year mark… crazy! It’s a ‘lifestyle’ blog – mainly restaurants, skincare and of course wedding updates! I love my little patch of the internet, it’s practically my digital journal where I can share memories and recommendations with my readers.

Question 1 – What’s your Christmas tradition?

When I was younger (as in when I lived at home) me, my sister and my brother would wake up to stockings on our door handle which we’d open on mum and dad’s bed before my dad would head downstairs and bring us up some orange juice and croissants. He’d then say it’s time to see if Santa has been and head down into the lounge for us to follow so he could capture our faces on film!

We’d always have new pajamas as a gift on Christmas eve, make gingerbread men and drink hot chocolate watching a Christmas film.

Question 2 – What is your favourite Christmas indulgence?

It feels acceptable to eat a whole jar of pickled onions in three days when its Christmas – screw the chocolate!

Question 3 – What is the best gift you have ever received?

I’d really like to say something cheesy about not needing gifts because family etc but I have to say, Ben got me a trip to Paris for our first Christmas which was by far the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received. It was all printed out and presented to me in a little red box and everything. Boy. Done. Good.

Question 4 – Are you an early gift buyer or leave them to the last minute?

I’m so last minute! I like to set a date when I do everything and write down a list of what to buy and where from so I know exactly what to get and where. I’m not a massive fan of shopping so do try to get it online. Thing is, our months are practically filled with other things we need to pay for too (especially at the moment!) so pre-planning is a no-go!

Question 5 – Do you have a favourite shop to buy gifts?

I absolutely love John Lewis! It has so many great brands all under one roof from budget to blow out too. Loads of quirky ideas and so many different departments, can’t go wrong!

Question 6 – Is there something which you always wanted for Christmas but never got?

I’m gonna sound so spoilt but I genuinely got everything I asked for growing up and even still now, I’ve been very lucky and I realise how hard my dad must have worked to afford it all and treat us like that. I have so much respect now I’m older and understand money and how he managed that with a mortgage and three kids. Kudos dad. Actually… I never got that Axolotl…

Question 7 – What is the most thoughtful gift that you brought someone?

Last year, I took Ben to see Barcelona play at their home ground. He’s always wanted to see them again as I think he was quite young the last time. It was a great match too, a local derby with five goals – I picked well!

Question 8 – If you could be in any Christmas movie, which one would you be in?

Well, my favourite it Miracle on 34th Street but who wouldn’t want to be like Kevin in Home Alone?!

Question 9 – What is your earliest Christmas memory?

I really struggle with my memory actually; it would probably have to be the first time my brother was old enough to understand Christmas – probably 10 years ago. His little face just lit up like I’ve never seen and it was just a face of pure joy and wonder seeing that ‘Rudolph’ had nibbled the carrot and ‘Santa’ had enjoyed his mince pie. It was co cute.

Question 10 – What makes Christmas special for you?

This changes for me each year, I think Christmas is special when there is no stress involved. My dad literally asks me what I’m doing for Christmas each year in July and honestly, I don’t even want to think about it. I just want to head into December and enjoy it, not have to worry about where I am, who I’m seeing etc. Ideally, having everyone together in the same room would be really special but that just physically can’t happen, maybe next year when we move to a bigger house we could host the ultimate family get together. For now though, it’s spending it with my loved ones and enjoying a glass of gin around the fire, stuffed with turkey!

Bonus Question

What exciting things have you got planned for 2018?

Next year, I’m going to have a guest blog series on for all things wedding – of course, I am getting married myself in April so I’ll be sharing the finer details afterwards including THE DRESS! 🙂

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