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Welcome to day 1 of the Christmas Blogger Q&A. Today’s Christmas Q&A is with Iga Berry.

Iga Berry

Iga Berry in Italy

Hello! I am a travel and lifestyle blogger currently based in Birmingham. I have a massive soft spot for Scotland, where I have been living before. I am just as likely to be found working on a new travel route, checking out new delicious places, trying new activities (next year it will be a diving course), or relaxing at home with a good book and mulled wine. Also you can probably find me running around with my camera, as photography is my big passion.

Question 1 – What’s your Christmas tradition?

Fried carp for Christmas Dinner is a must. I cannot imagine Christmas without carp as the main meal of the day. Fun fact? We also take on of the carp’s scale, one for each person, and keep it in our wallets to bring financial luck for the year ahead of us. It is a tradition continued by my grand grandparent, grandparents, parents and now me.

Question 2 – What is your favourite Christmas indulgence?

Of course I am excited for food and being merry but you know what will be a real treat this year for me? Being able to stay in bed the whole morning with my husband; super cosy.

Question 3 – What is the best gift you have ever received?

I am sure my neighbours would disagree but it was definitely a cow, my mooing alarm clock from my Godfather. It was waking up me, and my neighbours, for school for years. My cow survived many falls and lasted all of primary and secondary school.

Question 4 – Are you an early gift buyer or leave them to the last minute?

I am definitely an early gift buyer. I find it very enjoyable so I am usually the first one to sign up for Secret Santa at work. Buying early gives me a chance to think and personalise each gift. It also saves me from a Christmas panic. I am on the lookout for gifts especially when I am traveling. It is a great chance to buy something a little bit different.

Question 5 – Do you have a favourite shop to buy gifts?

I do not have a one stop gift shop destination however, during the past few years I have tended to go to smaller, independent shops to name a few: Juniper, Hamish Munro, and Curated Stories in Aberdeen, Present Company, or Cocktail Cosmetics in Birmingham. I am also quite often on Not On The High Street and Etsy.

Question 6 – Is there something which you always wanted for Christmas but never got?

Does a puppy count? If it does not, I think it would be great if one day I received an envelope with a plane ticket inside for a surprise destination that I have not been to yet. It does not have to be anywhere fancy; I would be more than happy to sort out the details such as accommodation myself.

Question 7 – What is the most thoughtful gift that you brought someone?

I would like to think that all of my gifts were thoughtful but I have to admit some of them were on the border between hit or miss. A few of them were also a total miss, which is always a learning curve. I remember once for Mother’s Day I tried to make a sweet treat for my mum. I must have been around 7 or 8 years old. It was a jelly dessert that required the exact amount of water and big enough pot, which I did not realise at the time so I continued making it in a tiny pan. Two burnt pans later I managed to squeeze it into this tiny white tea cup. Needless to say the jelly had the consistency of concrete. However, looking at all the time, preparation, and thought to sweeten up my mum’s day made it at least to me, maybe not the tastiest, but one of the most thoughtful gifts.

Question 8 – If you could be in any Christmas movie, which one would you be in?

I am not going to reinvent the wheel here with my choice but it would be a pleasure to take part in Love Actually. The variety of different kinds of love shown in this movie in a Christmas setting really works for me. Actually I should invite my friends over and watch it together to get the festive feeling going.

Question 9 – What is your earliest Christmas memory?

The scariest! A Walking and Singing Santa Toy with a bell from hell! For a long time, in my eyes, it was a Christmas Chucky Doll walking slowly towards me from under the tree. If someone is thinking of a blood curdling horror beginning this is the one you were looking for. Apparently finding me hiding under my bed from this monster was funny for the rest of my family. Funny enough for them to mention it every year during Christmas dinner.

Question 10 – What makes Christmas special for you?

I like Christmas dinner but really for me it is the time afterwards where we all sit together with a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine. We have time to talk, watch a Christmas movie together, or play a game as long as it is not Monopoly. We are all too competitive to play this game peacefully. As kids my sister and I would be banned from playing it.

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