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Welcome to day  13 of the Christmas Blogger Q&A. Today’s Christmas Q&A is with Em from Em Rambles.

Em Rambles

Em Rambles // Christmas Blogger Q&A 2017

Hi, I’m Em, I’m 24 (or 25 depending on when you read this post). A true Christmas baby, I adore all things festive so when Steph asked me to take part I jumped at the chance. My blog isn’t really for everyone, its slightly swear-y and its definitely sarcastic. Although, I hope it’s full of motivation and laughter.  

Question 1 – What’s your Christmas tradition?

I only have a small family, so we don’t have that many traditions. Being one of the youngest in my family, my mum and dad often work on Christmas day so it we’ve never really created a tradition. The only thing I think we have is my mum and I watching Harry Potter on Christmas Day in our pyjama’s (which we give to each other on Christmas eve) either before or after her shift at work 

Question 2 – What is your favourite Christmas indulgence?

Baileys Hot Chocolate. Honestly, I love the stuff. OR Pigs in Blankets! They are just amazing! 

Em Rambles // Christmas Blogger Q&A 2017

Question 3 – What is the best gift you have ever received?

Oh, this is going to make me sound very shallow, but my hair straighteners. They’ve lasted for 7 years and are just as good as the day I got them. So they would probably be the best gift I have ever been given.  

Question 4 – Are you an early gift buyer or leave them to the last minute?

I want to be an early gift buyer, I really do, but I’m the polar opposite. I tend to leave gifts to the last minute and if I’m honest, I am awful a buying presents. I just can never hit the nail on the head. It’s always a little off. That could be because I leave it to the week before Christmas, though. Ooops 

Question 5 – Do you have a favourite shop to buy gifts?

I think I have a favourite shop for the different people I buy for. For my mum it’s Next, she adores anything from there. My dad, probably HMV to get him a box set or I pop online and browse I want one of those for something a little bit special. And for my best friend, Boots, she’s make up obsessed so I can’t really go too wrong. Well, that’s basically my shopping list for Christmas- I told you I had a small family.  

Question 6 – Is there something which you always wanted for Christmas but never got?

It’s not really something I’ve wanted specifically for Christmas, but I have always wanted a plain silver or white gold locket. No fancy pattern or engraving, just a simple locket where I can keep pictures of my grandparents.  

Question 7 – What is the most thoughtful gift that you brought someone?

Red Hot Chilli Peppers tickets. That’s a pretty easy one. My dad had waited 25+ years to see them live, so when I got the opportunity to get him tickets for Christmas, I jumped at the chance. I still don’t think he quite realises that they he’s seen them in real life.  

Em Rambles // Christmas Blogger Q&A 2017

Question 8 – If you could be in any Christmas movie, which one would you be in?

Miracle on 34th Street, I love it so much. It makes me cry every year- it’s just so magical (yes, that’s cheesy and no I really don’t care). So, if I could be in any movie it would be that one. And I would cry all the way through it.  

Question 9 – What is your earliest Christmas memory?

I was probably about 5/6, we went out for Christmas dinner to a local pub. I had my snazzy new Sky Dancer (a Christmas gift I adored) and I spent the Christmas chewing my Nana’s ear off. I think that was the year I got 50p for each sprout I ate too.  I LOVED that Christmas, there wasn’t anything profound to it, it was just a very lovely Christmas 

Question 10 – What makes Christmas special for you?

My mum, she’s struggled with mental illness for years, yet she has always tried her best to make it special for me. That one bit of the year that we can just enjoy and put our demons to bed. It doesn’t work, but she always makes me feel loved- especially at Christmas and isn’t that what it’s about?  

Em Rambles // Christmas Blogger Q&A 2017

Bonus Question

What is something you have been proud this year?

Towards the end of 2017 I really did step up my game. I lost weight, started looking for a new career (possibly going back to university) and started dating again. 


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