Cat Logic // 5 Things Which My Cats Do

Cat Logic // 5 Things Which My Cats Do

Cats! I love them! Sometimes though, I think my cats can be a little ‘odd’ with their ‘Cat Logic’. Here are just 5 things which they do which I think is odd but they see as normal cat behaviour…

My Cats

As a bit of a background, I have 2 black cats which are brothers/twins called Ash and Sooty – yes, very typical black cat names haha. They are rescue cats and we got them when they were just 6 months old after been rescued from someone’s back garden. They were very poorly when they came to us and it took months for us to see improvements with them.

When we first got them, the vet told us that Sooty only had 2 weeks to live as he was so poorly. 5 years later, they are 2 very mischievous kitties. They are devoted to each other and follow each other around, sleep snuggled up together, get into trouble together and work as a team to destroy the house.

Cat Logic

5 things which my Cats do

They don’t go outside

Why do they need to go outside when they are safe and happy indoors? They see other cats wandering around outside, but they just have no interest in it. Sooty has made it to the patio area before, while Ash hid behind the sofa.

They are scared of birds

Why are the pigeons so big? Why are they flying? Arghhhh!

Cat Logic

Sooty will always leave one chunk of food for Ash

Not sure why, but every time they have food, Sooty will always leave a piece of food for Ash. I think it is a way to show how much he loves his brother. Ash is always happy to receive more food anyway.

They dunk their paws into their bowl of water

Before taking a drink out of their bowl, they will dunk their paws into it and then proceed to flick it across the floor. Thanks boys!

Apparently, this could be due them checking how deep the water is or the temperature. We’re not too sure why they do it, they just do.

They choose to sleep on an uncomfy floor or my laptop

Considering they have about 6 beds around the house for them to sleep in, they – especially Ash – will find a radiator, floor, laptop, piece of paper or sink to sleep on/in. It is really annoying when you spend lots of money to make them comfy and they decide it’s not for them. Cats really do have their own mind.

Cat Logic

Do you have a Cat?

Do you have a cat and do they do any of the things which Ash and Sooty do? I would love to know if it is not just them…


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