Bromsgrove Beer Festival // Summer 2017

Bromsgrove Beer Festival // Summer 2017

Hey everyone! Who else is loving the UK’s Summer? I know it may be a bit hit and miss, but when we have the sun shining; it is lovely isn’t it? Well on Saturday 1st July – after a week of cold and rain – we finally got some well deserved Sun and it fell perfectly as myself and my group of friends attended the Bromsgrove Beer Festival 🙂

One thing the British love is a good festival – be it a food, beer, craft festivals or even summer fete/carnivals. I am no exception to this rule. I love attending them. So when one of our friends said he wanted to go to the Bromsgrove Beer Festival for his Birthday celebrations, we had to go.

As a tee-total though, I did worry a little about what there would be for me there.

Entry Fee & Parking

Bromsgrove Beer Festival

For the Beer Festival, the entry fee was £10 for an Adult; which isn’t too bad as you get £5 worth of tokens and a Pint or Half a Pint glass. The tokens are how you pay for your drinks and the glass is the one you use to get your beer.

Parking and Camping are both available on site – I believe it was £5 parking fee and £10 if you wanted to camp for the night.

What Beer was there?

The Beer choices included:

  • Ciders & Perrys
  • Lager
  • Pale Ale
  • Porter
  • Mild
  • Bitter
  • Stout

There is a full list of Ciders & Perrys and Beers can be found on their website if you are interested. All beers were served from the barrel and were served as a Third, Half or Pint.

Food & Drinks

There were food stalls at the festival such as Pizza, traditional Fish and Chips, Carribean, Hot Dogs & Burgers, Bratwurst and also an Ice Cream truck.

I opted for a reasonably priced Margarita Pizza – freshly made for £6. It was super delicious and perfect to eat in the beautiful sunshine.

For soft drinks, there were lots available at the food stalls and even a little sweet shop. The cans of pop and water cost £1 each – but you are welcome to take your own food and drinks if you wanted to.

Get Comfy

One thing I would recommend is taking some foldable chairs, picnic blankets or even a gazebo. Lots of people at the event had taken them and looked super comfy and made a day of the Beer Festival.

We didn’t do this though as we knew we were heading out after the Beer Festival into Birmingham and didn’t want to be carrying our own chairs etc. It would have looked a little odd.

Fun for all the family

Something I didn’t realise is that there would be a lot of families at the Beer Festival. It was lovely to see everyone having fun – even the puppies which came along.

There was so much for kids to do. There were some Waltzers, a mini roller coaster, bouncy slide, hook-a-duck and also a darts game where you could win an emoji. Obviously, I made my boyfriend go and win me a sunglasses emoji haha 🙂 My friend Liv really wanted her poo emoji! Here we are with each other’s emojis and me with my Sunglasses Emoji 🙂

Throughout the day they had a brass band playing modern songs like Gangnam Style and Poker Face – which was really cool. There were then signers and local bands playing who were all really good and added to that great sunshine-vibe.

Have you been to a Beer Festival?

Have you ever been to a Beer Festival in the UK? I would love to know if you have and what you thought 🙂


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