How to Overcome Bloggers Block

How to Overcome Bloggers Block

Have you ever had a time where you just don’t know what to write about and how to go forward? Do you get in the ‘stage’ of “what am I even doing with my blog? Have I lost purpose?”. This blog post is all about how to overcome bloggers block, that thing we all suffer from time-to-time.

This post is a collaboration with the lovely Samantha Carraro who runs her own blog all about Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travelling & Reviews. I will do 5 tips on overcoming bloggers block and so will Samantha over on her blog, so go check her tips out too. They are great! Also, do you think Samantha will do me a Bullet Journal – I don’t know where to start.

My Tips on How I Overcome Bloggers Block

Go For A Walk

This is something I always do. I find that walking along, listening to music or talking to a friend can always bring inspiration to you. If you run a lifestyle blog like me, sometimes knowing what to write about it difficult.

I go for a walk, and more times than not I will get an idea for a blog post. Walks clear my mind, help me unwind and allows creativity to take over.


Carry Around A Notebook

For me, a notebook was an essential item I got when I started blogging. When I was at work, on the bus, walking or even at home, an idea would come into my head and leave again within seconds. Having the notebook at hand; I could write down quick notes and ideas to go into a blog post and then could have it there for whenever I get the horrible writer’s block!


Free Write

I’m not sure how many people this will work for, but I tend to be a free writer. I just open up my WordPress, word document or get a pen in my hand; and I let my mind get to work. I just wait for the idea’s to come and start writing.

Sometimes I have an idea for a blog post and then it changes context along the way. This way I can get 2 blog posts out of one idea. Pretty handy really.

free writing

Be True To You

Write things that you want to write about, not what you think someone else wants to see. Sometimes you need to write something for you; kind of using your blog as a diary or journal. I write a lot of my reviews on shows, beauty products and baking recipes because I don’t have a very good memory. This way, next year I can look back on my blog and remember everything that happened and relive those good memories.

Be True To You

Guest Blog

This may sound an odd idea, but hear me out. I know that you have writer’s block and know you have no idea on what to write, but guest blogging can help. Trust me!

You may not know what you want to write about, but someone telling you “the topic is X” may be great for you. As you write, it will give you inspiration and get you back into the flow of writing.

I am doing a guest blog for Gwennan (Twenty Something Meltdown) and Sarah (Writing, Rambling) next month and I can’t wait.

Check Out Some More Ways To Overcome Bloggers Block

I hope you enjoyed some of my top tips on how to overcome bloggers block, but if some of these aren’t right for you; maybe try out my lovely collab partner Samantha who has her top-tips over on her blog.

Have You overcome Bloggers Block?

I would love to know if you have ever had to overcome bloggers block. If so, how? Let me know in the comments below so other people can also read your methods of getting out from behind that metaphorical brick wall.


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