Mac Autumn Ready Lips

Mac Autumn Ready Lips

We’ve all seen and used that Snapchat filter that has the round mirrored glasses with the matte brown lips. For me, that was my goal and inspiration for achieving my perfect Autumn lip colour.

After my first trip to Mac in Grand Central in Birmingham, I picked up my very first Mac Lipstick. I don’t think I could call myself a blogger without having this colour in my collection, it was the gorgeous Velvet Teddy. This set me off to start a massive Mac Lipstick addiction.

I have two perfect lip-combos for an Autumn perfect look:

Look 1: Brown/Pink Matte Lips

Lipstick – Velvet Teddy

Velvet Teddy is an iconic Mac colour with matte finish. It is a nude colour with a pink tinge to.

I find this lipstick one of the most moisturising matte lipsticks I have tried before but still like to add a lip balm underneath to add a bit more moisture.

RRP – £15.50

Lip Liner – Boldly Bare

This is my perfect lip colour. It is pretty much my own lip colour, but nicer. It is often described as a dirty red brown, and when it goes on it looks like a rose/brown shade. It is a perfect under-colour for Velvet Teddy.

RRP – £13.00

Autumn Ready Lips - Look 1 by Stephs World

Look 2: Berry/Brown Satin Lips

Lipstick – Faux

Faux is a Satin finish lipstick which not like your normal nude colour. It is a bit darker but still has an underlying rosy colour which I think is very flattering to the more pale skin tones.

The Satin texture isn’t too creamy and yet isn’t very matte, it is somewhere in the middle and I love it for everyday wear.

RRP: £15.50

Lip Liner – Whirl

I picked up this lip liner on a whim as it was a recommended bestseller on the Mac website. This lip liner is a dirty rosy brown colour. This colour is a bit more darker than Boldly Bare and once mixed with Faux, it turns into a slightly berry toned brown.

RRP – £13.00

Autumn Ready Lips - Look 2 by Stephs World

What is your Autumn ready lip colour?

What is your go-to Autumn shade of lip? Please let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram.


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