Another 25 Things That Make Me Happy

Another 25 Things That Make Me Happy

One of my most popular posts by far is the ‘25 Things That Make Me Happy‘ post, which I published 2 years ago now!

So as the weather is warm, and I’m feeling super happy; I thought I would continue the list with another 25 things that make me happy – so here goes…

25 Things That Make Me Happy (continued)

  1. My Poochon Puppy, Teddy
  2. Sitting down and watching YouTube – Can be random videos, vlogs, theatre reviews, cooking and well, anything which takes my fancy
  3. Listening to Audible books – Usually books by Comedians
  4. Mac n Cheese
  5. Planning mini adventures
  6. Going on mini adventures
  7. Netflix & Now TV
  8. Watching the little food videos on Facebook & Instagram
  9. A good looking Instagram feed
  10. Spa Days – especially the technology detox
  11. The smell of freshly cut grass
  12. Wearing skirts and dresses and feeling like a floating princess
  13. Being behind the camera
  14. Pizza
  15. Going to the theatre
  16. Getting the perfect Instagram photo
  17. Finding that outfit that you feel 100% in
  18. Watching someone prepare food for me – apparently, this is when I am at my happiest
  19. A desk drawer full of snacks
  20. Falling into a YouTube hole – where one video leads you to another video and so on…
  21. Ice cold Fanta Lemon on a sunny day
  22. A Small Decaf Caramel Macchiato
  23. Shopping before heading to work – where I have Primark & Boots to myself at 8am ๐Ÿ™‚
  24. Watching Instagram Stories
  25. Elephants

I hope you enjoyed this little post ๐Ÿ™‚ย What makes you happy? I’d love to know…



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