Christmas Blogger Q&A // Abbey Louisa Rose

Abbey Louisa Rose Christmas Blogger Q&A by Stephs World

Hi and welcome to Steph’s World & the Christmas Blogger Q&A Series. There will be 21 Guest Bloggers taking part in this Q&A running up to Christmas day. To learn more about this Series, please see my blogpost called ‘Introduction to the Christmas Blogger Q&A‘. Today we welcome Abbey Louisa Rose…

Abbey Louisa Rose

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series - Abbey Louisa Rose
Hello! My name is Abbey Louisa Rose and I’m a 21-year-old blogger and archaeology student from the East of England. I blog at I originally planned on using my blog to document a summer of fun between graduating from my undergraduate degree and starting my Masters, but I loved blogging so much that I didn’t want to stop! My blog is a big mix of everything, showcasing my travels, creative projects, thoughts and feelings, as well as a few beauty and lifestyle posts.

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series - Abbey Louisa Rose - by Stephs World

Question 1 – What is your favourite Christmas memory?

My favourite Christmas memories all involve having good old-fashioned family time! We love playing board games and card games in our house, especially Cleudo, Monopoly, and Rummy. One of my all-time best Christmas memories is of playing Pictionary – my Dad is absolutely hopeless at drawing so it takes everyone so long to guess what he’s actually trying to draw, it’s hilarious! Having family fun at Christmas really is priceless.

Question 2 – Are there any traditions you have around Christmas time?

Our family always take it in turns to open our presents on Christmas morning. We start with my brother, who is the youngest, and one-by-one, we each open our presents in order of age. I think that this is a really nice way of doing it, as you get to watch the happiness on everyone’s face as they open their gifts and say thank you! After we open our presents, we always go out for a walk across the fields with the dogs, which is another lovely family tradition.

Question 3 – What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

I would really love some new books and some letter-writing supplies. I take part in the #beechat snail mail scheme which I enjoy so much – I write to six other bloggers on a regular basis and I’d love some more pretty note cards or paper to use for my letters!

Question 4 – Do you like to wear Christmas jumpers, if you do; what is your favourite Christmas jumper?

Absolutely! My favourite Christmas jumper is a bright red knitted jumper with silhouettes of Santa’s sleigh and reindeer across the top! It’s super comfy and I just love it!

Question 5 – Do you like to give presents or receive presents?

Everyone likes receiving presents, right? However, there’s really nothing better than watching a friend or family member open a gift that you’ve picked out for them and seeing their happiness and enthusiasm! Shopping for presents that you’re going to give is always such fun as well, I love selecting gifts and wrapping them! Really puts me in the festive spirit!

Question 6 – Do you like the Christmas goodies such as Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding or the limited edition drinks?

I’m a massive fan of mince pies! My Mum’s home-made mince pies are unbeatable! I’m not a huge fan of Christmas pudding, however, it’s just too boozy for me! As for other Christmas fare, I also enjoy mulled wine and gingerbread! YUM!

Question 7 – What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner?

We always have a three-course Christmas dinner in my house and my favourite part is always the starter because we have prawn cocktail with smoked salmon! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Question 8 – What is your favourite Christmas Song?

It’s got to be Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You! I sing along every December!

Question 9 – Are you taking part in Blogmas or Vlogmas this year?

Nope, and I have a post coming up on my blog about why I won’t be participating!

Question 10 – Do you have anything exciting coming up on your blog next year?

Lots more creative posts, some funny ones too, and a few surprises! Stay tuned!

Thank You

Thank you to Abbey for taking part in this Christmas Blogger Q&A Series. Abbey is always very active over on Twitter and so supportive. Thank you Abbey for being one of the first to get this Q&A back to me, you was a complete star.

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