5 Ways to feel more Summery

5 Ways to feel more Summery

If you live in the UK, or know anyone in who does live in the UK; you will know that the British Summer weather has been – well – shocking! It’s a heatwave the one minute and then can be storms – but obviously, you will know that as the British love to moan about the weather! Today though, I bring you my top 5 tips on how to feel more Summery.

Getting into the Summer spirit

Buy New Clothes or Rediscover Old Clothes

The main thing I did this Summer was head to Primark and get myself some new Summer clothes. I opted for a few pleated midi skirts and a long t-shirt dress. Perfect for dressing up and down.

I also know I have some firm favourites and some purchases from last year hiding away in my wardrobe, so I can’t wait to have a clear-out and find all my pretty dresses and Summer clothes.

Listen to your favourite Summer Hits

I love music so much! It is one thing which can fit your mood and can change your mood. I seriously have a playlist for every kind of mood I am in such as 90s Hits, 00s Classics, Eurovision, Theatre Hits, Top 50 in the UK and so many more.

I always look out for Spotify playlists for some great Summer Hits as they let me rediscover so many great songs!

Plan a Few Days Out or a Holiday

In the Summer I love going to different events which get me out and about and enjoying the sun. One thing I love to do is go to shows like the BBC Good Food Show & Gardner’s World Live, a Beer Festival or a Food Festival.

Also, if you have enough time and money; plan a little breakaway. Getting away and exploring always puts me in a Summery mood 🙂 If you are looking for ideas, keep a look out for my Travel in the UK series starting 1st August 2017.

Get your Camera out and get Exploring

A sure way to get me into the Summer spirit is going on a walk in the sunshine with my Camera – or even my phone camera. I love taking photos when the sun is out, they make such lovely shots which will totally be Instagram-worthy or even a get background for your phone.

One thing I’ve been loving this Summer is the Summer Photo Challenge by Gwennan – aka. Twenty Something Meltdown. No, Gwennan isn’t paying me to say this again; but the photo challenge is fab! Seriously, if this doesn’t get you in the Summer spirit; nothing will!

Summer Photo Challenge - 5 ways to feel more Summery by Stephs World

Swap out your Winter home accessories for Summer accessories

In my bedroom, I have made it into a relaxing Summer room. As you may have seen in my June Monthly Favourites, I got myself some fairy lights for my room which added to that Summer feeling for me. I’ve also changed out my bedding for something more bright and generally decluttered my bedroom a little bit.

It’s amazing how your home interior can change lift your mood to be more Summery.

What are your tips?

I’d love to know your tips and tricks on how to feel more Summery. Please let me know if you have any 🙂

Also, I hope you are all having a great Summer so far 🙂


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