5 Instagram Accounts I Love

5 Instagram Accounts I Love

There are thousands of Instagram accounts which come in all shapes and sizes. Some are for personal use, some are for influencers, some are for pets/fur-babies, some are for brands, some are for inspirational quotes and so on. Sometimes it’s hard to get noticed with so many accounts and especially with Instagrams algorithm.

So today I wanted to share the love and mention just 5 of the Instagram accounts I stalk on a daily basis, where I can get lost in the beauty of the theme, colours, captions, messages and inspiration for my own Instagram.

Before I start, I have to say the Influencers & Bloggers which I follow on Instagram all have amazing accounts. Everyone has their own style, promote positive messages whether it’s in relation to spreading joy or awareness of important subjects like Mental Health awareness, they show the passion of the person behind the account and their individuality. This, therefore, meant it was difficult to just choose 5, but here are some from which I draw inspiration from daily.

5 Instagram Accounts which I find Inspiring


Jordan has one of the most dreamiest Instagram feeds I have ever seen. Filled with amazing photoshoots of fashion items, Jordan and her Instagram account makes me want to get up and explore! She makes all the photos seem effortless and perfection. The theme she has is on-point and she is also willing to risk her life to get that perfect shot!

HelloMissJordan // 5 Instagram Accounts I Love

She will also show you the behind the scenes action of the photos as well as how she edits the photo. Something I love!


When you hear anybody mentions Jemma’s Instagram page, what words spring to mind? BRIGHT, COLOURFUL, DREAMY? All 3 of those words spring to my mind!

DorkfaceBlog // 5 Instagram Accounts I Love

Jemma’s Instagram dares to be different and it’s a breath of fresh air in the Blogging community. Jemma’s Instagram is an extension of her, and you can tell. She is bright and bubbly – even when she isn’t feeling it 100% of the time. I feel you can get lost in her feed and it never fails to make me feel better.


Everyone knows how much I love Gwennan and her Instagram page! If you haven’t heard about Gwennan – you certainly have if you read my blog – then Gwennan is the creator of those seasonal hashtags and photo challenges such as #TwentySomethingSummer / #TwentySomethingWinter / #TwentySomethingSping. The hashtags that I base most of my Instagram off!

TwentySomethingMeltdown // 5 Instagram Accounts I Love

Gwennan’s feed is relaxing, inspiring and encourages me to be more organised and get out in the fresh air more. Gwennan’s feed perfection!


Another inspiring and passionate Instagram account. Nicola’s Instagram page is dedicated to her love of Manchester and it’s gorgeous. The colours throughout the feed, as well as her passion about Manchester, is what makes this account super lovable!

Daisy._.Grey // 5 Instagram Accounts I Love

Nicola wrote about her love of Manchester in my ‘Travel in the UK‘ series and since then I have been following her Instagram account to go on mini-online-adventures around Manchester with her! It’s perfect 🙂


This is one of the Instagram accounts which I found by another Blogger sharing it on her Insta-Story a few months ago!

IAmMissMistake // 5 Instagram Accounts I Love

All of her photos are so calming and I wish I had her feed! The photos are flooded with the same theme and colours of brown, mustard, blue, green and features fairy lights. The messages in the captions are thought-provoking and are just perfect. If you ever need an Instagram account for inspiration and relaxation, this is one for you.

Do you want more?

I have loved sharing just 5 of the accounts I am loving at the moment, but would you like to see more? Let me know…


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