25 Things That Make Me Happy

25 Things That Make Me Happy

The lovely Liv from Life Unscripted did a tag over on her blog called ‘25 Things That Make Me Happy‘, and I thought it was a perfect way to get tell you a bit more about me.

If you haven’t been to visit Life Unscripted, you should. Liv has a great blog with posts on make-up, book reviews and brilliant lists.

My Answers to the 25 Things That Make Me Happy tag

Here is my list of things which make me happy:

  1. My Boyfriend – He always supports me and never fails to make me smile
  2. My Family – They are great!
  3. My Cats
  4. My MacBook
  5. Nutella
  6. Coca-Cola
  7. Harry Potter
  8. A Nice Warm Shower
  9. Making Gift Boxes for Family and Friends
  10. Theatre Shows (Especially Musicals and West End Shows)
  11. Going on Days Out
  12. Make-Up
  13. Baking
  14. Haribo Tangfastics
  15. Music – Especially Throwback Music
  16. A Good TV Series
  17. Blogging
  18. London
  19. Holidays
  20. Stationary – Paperchase is life!
  21. Going on Walks
  22. Rose Gold
  23. Musical Soundtracks
  24. Jeans
  25. Boots


So these were just a few things which make me happy. There are so many other things which make me happy, but these are the ones I look for the most.

At the beginning of this tag I thought it would be too difficult to find 25 things that make me happy, but once I wrote one, the next followed and then the next. I then realised how much really makes me happy on a daily basis.

Sometimes we are all guilty of not recognising what makes us happy as we are in that mood of ‘nothing can make me happy’. This tag was perfect to make me stop and realise what makes me happy and if I surround myself with even half of this list, my day will be better.

Let me know…

Let me know what makes you happy! Leave me a comment and let me know if you do this tag or let me know on Twitter or Instagram.


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