2016 Favourites and Overview

2016 Favourites and Overview

Hi Everyone, and welcome to my 2016 favourites. This year has gone so fast and I can’t believe it. I also can’t believe that Steph’s World has now been live for 9 months! It’s crazy!

There has been so many things going on in 2016. Here are some of my favourites:

2016 Favourites

Film – Suicide Squad & Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I couldn’t choose which film I loved the most in 2016, so I have chosen both Suicide Squad & Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Both films are in my opnion amazing and I can’t wait to rewatch them at home.
Suicide Squad was funny, colourful, action packed and Harley Quinn (for me anyway) was so brilliant in the role. I just love this film!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a film which I didn’t know what to expect. I love Harry Potter (who doesn’t?) but It is not like Harry Potter in this first film. I am looking forward to the next 4 films where we can expect to see a young hagrid and voldermort and the events leading up to Harry Potter series.

TV Show – Modern Family & Gilmore Girls

Ok, once again I’ve cheated. I cannot choose a favourite and I love them both so much.

Earlier on in the year (and still now) I discovered Modern Family and fell in love. It is so funny, easy to watch and well, its just so funny. I am looking forward to Season 8 being released in the UK at the end of December.

I then was talked into trying out Gilmore Girls as the Year in the Life series was being released on Netflix. I am still only on Season 7, but I want to finish it all by the New Year, but I can say that I honestly do not want it to end. I love this show so much!

Music – Tears – Clean Bandit & Louisa Johnson

This song has been a firm favourite of mine since it came out in July. I just love Louisa’s voice, the orchestra feel from Clean Bandit and the whole dance-y feel of the song.

Musical Soundtrack – The Lion King

This year I got to go to see The Lion King in the West End as a birthday present. I have wanted to see it for years, and I have been totally addicted to the soundtrack since June. It is perfect! He Lives in You is my favourite song from the theatre show.

Beauty – Mac Lipsticks & Clinique Foundations

As I mentioned earlier, this year I found a love for both Mac Lipsticks and Clinique Foundations.

I have done 3 blogposts all about my love of Mac Lipsticks. They are:

I also found a love for Clinique Foundations. It first started off with the discovering the Clinique: Chubby Foundation Stick and then after I realised that Clinique foundations don’t make my skin breakout, I then purchased the Clinique: Superbalanced Silk Foundation which I think is perfect.

Place To Be – London

Every year I am sure this answer will be the same. I love London so much. This year I spent a weekend in London with friends and had the most amazing time. We saw sights, visited the Sky Garden, ate lots of yummy food and had great fun. While there, I wrote 2 blogposts which were: London on a Shoestring & Unique Places for Food and Drink in London.

I also saw 2 West End shoes this year which were War of the Worlds & The Lion King.

Drink – Volvic Strawberry Water, Warm Spiced Apple Juice & Virgin Mojito

There are 3 drinks which I found out that I loved in 2016, these are:

  1. Volvic Strawberry Water – It just makes boring water taste amazing!
  2. Warm Spiced Apple Juice – Perfect drink for those non-drinkers around Christmas time.
  3. Virgin Mojito – As I don’t drink, but do love the refreshing taste of a Mojito.

Game – Forza Horizon 3

I don’t play many games, especially not on a games console like an Xbox or Playstation. This year though, my boyfriend got Forza Horizon 3 and it is my perfect game. It’s not like GTA as it doesn’t have any violence in it and it is purely a driving game around a City. I think it is brilliant.

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Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog, participated in the Christmas Blogger Q&A Series, allowed me to Guest Blog for them or invited me to a Press Event throughout 2016. You’ve made this an amazing year!

If you would like to work with my in the future or have an idea for a collaboration, Guest Blogpost or Series, please Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram or email me at stephsworldblog@gmail.com.


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