10 Ways To Beat The January Blues

10 Ways To Beat The January Blues

After coming back down to Earth with the sudden realisation that Christmas is now well and truly over, work has began and those January Blues have kicked in! I have been trying to keep busy so far through January, and these are the ways that I am trying to beat the January Blues.

As you may be able to remember, every day of December I was blogging, scheduling tweets, writing new posts during the run-up for Christmas and New Year, scheduling posts, editing my Advent Calendar daily and hosted a Christmas Blogger Q&A Series.

As 1st January hit, I was shattered. I spent Christmas with family, eating so much yummy food, going walking and just generally playing lots of games and using the time to prepare myself for 2017.

Beating those January Blues

Spend time with Family & Friends

This month my cousin from Australia has come to visit which made me super excited for January. The first weekend of January we visited the theatre, went out for a meal, visited a local village, had a lovely coffee out and went for a relaxing walk along the canal.

Find something free to do

Everyone says that you can never get something for nothing, but that’s not always true. There are lots of attractions, parks and events free in your local area. A simple google of “free things to do in…” will be quite surprising.

Near me is a local RAF museum and you can see all the aeroplanes, museums, art galleries and manor houses. Also, it’s a goo time to check your bag for any “free return” pass’ that you have lying around.

See a Pantomime

This is something I do every January. This year I saw Dick Whittington at the Birmingham Hippodrome. A full review will be coming soon.

A panto is funny for all the family. I’m 20+ and still enjoy going.

Catch-up with a TV series & Film’s

I love a good TV series and I am starting to love films. This month I got addicted to Stranger Things, Modern Family (shocker!) and Gilmore Girls (wow, what a shock!) and rewatched The Martian.

I have just started A Year In The Life (Gilmore Girls). I think I will review it once I’ve finished 🙂

Set yourself goals for 2017

This is not a usual thing for me, but after being tagged by Pandora; I set myself goals in my This Time Next Year post. It has been a good way to set focus for the year ahead and increase my drive towards them.

Write a blogpost or two

I have not done this until writing this post (I am on 9th January) and I felt so rubbish that I had been neglecting my blog. Here’s hoping I will keep focus now for the rest of the year.

Plan a trip, day out or holiday

I am in serious need of a break already haha. I am planning to go to London in March and I cannot wait. I love planning a trip away, even if it’s just a few days. The build-up top a break is just like Christmas for me 🙂

Since writing this post, myself and my boyfriend have planned another trip to London at the end of this month to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! I can’t wait!

Get some fresh air

I love walking and getting fresh air. Something that always boosts my mentality and get me motivated is a walk in the countryside or even a walk to the local shops.

Get some sunlight

I like many other people really suffer in Winter with my mood. I always been down through Winter with the drive to work being dark, being stuck in an office with maybe half hour walk at dinner and then a drive home in the dark.

The medical term for it is SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. I feel more moody, all I crave are carbs and I just feel unmotivated, lethargic and just not interested in doing any activities.


If all else fails, sleep until January is over!

How do you feel in January?

Do you love January or do you suffer with the January Blues like me? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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